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Forest Schools starting soon!

Class 2

Class Teacher – Mrs L. Lambert

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Farr

Intervention Groups - Miss A. Flynn

Learning in Class Two.


This half term in Class Two our topic is ‘Traditional and Fairy Tales’.  Through these stories we will explore materials, light sources and the life of an important historical figure.  Below is a brief outline of what we will be doing each week with some examples of the learning activities that will be taking place.

Week One (4/1/17):

Three Little Pigs

Building materials – science and art

Look at different building materials.  What are they like?

Look for building materials around us.  What materials is the school built out of? 

Invite a builder in to show us different materials and how they can be fixed together.

In PHSE our topic will be introduced ‘Going for Goals’.

Week Two (9/1/17)

Three Little Pigs

Building materials - science and art


Discuss the reason each material has been chosen (for strength, because it is transparent, waterproof etc)

Test some materials for some of these properties.

 In art explore different materials to make 3D models (wood, clay and plastic)

Make a moving picture of the Three Little Pigs

PHSE (personal, health and social education) understand what helps us learn new things more easily and decide how this could help us in school.

 In R.E we are thinking about what groups we belong to

Week Three ( 16/1/17)

The Little Tin Soldier

materials and light sources - science




 Investigate different light sources.  Natural and manmade.

Which materials shut out light?

Investigate how some materials can be changed by shaping.   Make a soldier using

 Materials that will easily bend and shape.

In PHSE examine our achievements and set simple goals for the future.

In R.E look at symbols and uniform that show we belong.


Week Four (23/1/17)

The Little Tin Soldier

Maps - Geography

Create an imaginary map to show the Journey of the Tin Soldier using geographical words.  Identify natural and human features of the environment. 

Go on a real journey and describe features we see.

In PHSE learn how to deal with setbacks when trying to reach a goal.  Discuss how to use the thinking part of our brain as a contrast to being impulsive.

In R.E look at symbols of Christianity




Week Five (30/1/17)

Hansel and Gretel

Materials that change – science

Stranger Danger

Discuss the dangers of talking to stranger and keeping safe. 

Making gingerbread and noticing how some materials are changed by heating and cooling.

Make a bag to take our ginger bread home in by choosing an appropriate material.

PHSE this week will be about achieving a new skill by learning from a friend, as well as teaching them something you know how to do well.

In R.E learn about ceremonies that initiate us into a group i.e promises in Rainbows, Cubs etc

Week Six and Seven(6/2/17- 13/2/17)

Hansel and Gretel  


Eglantyne Jebb - history/PHSE


Learn about the life of Eglantine Jebb and how she was imprisoned for her beliefs.  Discuss the rights of the child charter.

Discuss rights and responsibilities of children.

Learn about the work of Save the Children and plan a fund raising event


In R.E learn about Christenings and re enact one.


 If you think that you have anything suitable that your child could bring into school to fit in with our topic of the week, we would be very grateful.

Spellings will be given on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

P.E is on a Tuesday and Wednesday, but as always this can change, so could you please ensure that P.E bags are in school for the week. Forest Schools will take place off site now on a rotation – more information will be sent out in a letter.  If anyone has any queries or problems feel free to come in and talk to me!

 Many thanks,     


Lisa Lambert



Websites we like!

www.phonicsplay.co.uk – loads of great games to help with reading and spelling.

www.ictgames.co.uk – some great games to support mathematics and literacy.

http://durham.schooljotter.com/coxhoe - games to support learning in all areas.

Some of the things we do:

Design Technology

Science – finding out about changes

Finding out about forces




Forest Schools


And much, much MORE!!!