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Welcome to Class 3

Class Teacher – Miss M. Cleaver and Mrs E. Nugent

Teaching Assistants – Mrs P Robinson (HLTA) 

                             - Mrs J. Griffiths

Intervention Groups - Miss A. Flynn

Learning in Class 3

During Autumn Term 2016, Class 3 will be learning about the following:

  • Literacy: We cover a wide range of narrative and non-fiction genre this term, including stories with historical settings. Our writing targets will be reviewed and revised early in the term. We will continue to focus on cross-curricular writing linked with our science, R.E and history topic of the Stone Age to Iron Age. 
  • Mathematics: The children will be working in many areas of number as well as data handling. There will be cross-curricular links where appropriate, particularly with science. 
  • History: Our topic this term is Stone Age to Iron Age. Children will be learning about: the time period when this occurred and what life was like during these times. Children will explore these objectives through hands on activities and research. 
  • Art & Design: Our art and design work this half-term will be based upon a unit called ‘Relationships’. It will explore how artists portray different relationships through positioning and facial expressions. Children will try to recreate their own relationship paintings towards the end of the unit, using a variety of different media. 
  • Design and Technology: After half-term, we will be linking our D&T learning with our topic of the Stone Age, as the children will try to design and create their own moving vehicles!
  • Science: Our topic for this term is Materials. The children will be exploring a variety of different materials to discover what they are made of and recognising similarities and differences between materials. They will also investigate how materials can change and they will carry out research into people who have developed new materials. 
  • R.E.: This half term the children will be exploring the question ‘What does a Christian mean by loving your neighbour?. After half term, they will be covering the Christmas story and aiming to retell it from different points of view. 
  • Music: The children will be learning about musical notation this term, and using this to help them with their own compositions. 
  • P.S.H.E.: A theme of ‘New Beginnings’ offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within the community, and to explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness and anxiety, whilst learning how to calm situations and solve problems together. 
  • P.E. will be taught on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon this term, and we will be covering a dance unit linked to our Stone Age topic. Miss Cleaver will cover a gymnastics unit this half term, and Mrs Nugent will focus on attacking and defending skills, through a variety of team sports. 
  • I.C.T.: We will be using and enhancing our ICT skills to support our work across the curriculum. Miss Cleaver will be teaching specific I.C.T. skills to Key Stage 2 classes on a Monday afternoon, with those skills being used and applied to children’s everyday, cross-curricular work. Children will be taught about E-safety, particularly in relation to using the internet for research and later on, enhancing their Multimedia skills and digital image manipulation. 
  • French: We will be building on children’s French vocabulary and extending it so that we can have brief conversations or exchanges in French about everyday life. This will include interactive games which practise our new skills and knowledge, and making a written record of French words, phrases and sentences. Mrs Knott will be teaching French to Class 3 on a Monday afternoon, beginning next half term. 
  • Spellings will be set for homework each week. Children will receive a list in their home-link diary on a Friday, to learn for a test on the following Friday. Your child will also be given a bonus spelling as part of the test each week, that they have not been given to learn, as this will help us to see if they can apply the spelling rule to an unknown word. 

Weekly homework tasks for children in class 3 include: learning and rehearsing their times tables and reading (three times per week recorded and signed by an adult in home-link diaries) please. Please ensure that your child has their home-link diary with them in school each day.

If you do possess skills, knowledge or resources which you feel you may like to offer in support of our teaching and learning this term, please do let us know!

Mrs E Nugent and Miss M Cleaver.


Look at these websites!



www.phonicsplay.co.uk – loads of great games to help with reading and spelling.

www.ictgames.co.uk – some great games to support mathematics and literacy.

http://durham.schooljotter.com/coxhoe - games to support learning in all areas.


Some of the things we do:

 Maths and Literacy – we are very practical in Class 3 – we like to keep moving and have interesting discussions.

 Lots and lots of different science experiments! We like to find out about animals and plants, our own bodies and how things move.     

Art and DT - We make and create lots of products based around our current topic. 

History – we learn lots about the past and how different it is from our lives today.

Geography – we learn about our local area and some physical and human aspects of it.

P.E – we learn about keeping ourselves fit in different ways, such as Gymnastics, Dance and Games like football, tennis and athletics. Year 3’s get opportunities to take part in competitions against other schools!


And much, much MORE!!!