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Burford CofE Primary School is part of the Diocese of Hereford Multi Academy Trust. We joined the trust in January 2017.


The Diocese of Hereford has been actively engaged in education for over 500 years. The first church schools in the diocese were established in the 16th Century and at one time most of the parishes in the diocese had some form of church school. This was largely through the efforts of the National Society and the rapid expansion of the church’s involvement in education during the 19th century.

There has been increased focus nationally on schools converting to academies and the Diocese created a Multi-Academy Trust in 2013 as the educational landscape was changing fast. The Diocese of Hereford Multi Academy Trust (formally the Bishop Anthony Education Trust) is determined to provide outstanding support for teaching and education as well as the provision of first-class administrative and financial support.

DHMAT Members


  • To ensure that our academies are centres of excellence with a focus on the nurture and achievement of all their members
  • To foster, maintain and celebrate the Christian distinctiveness of our Church Schools as places for those of faith or no faith
  • To promote mutual support, encouragement and benefit between all our academies
  • To develop, as the foundation stone of academic achievement, a strong culture of professional development amongst our staff
  • To recognise and address the challenges of small rural communities
  • To celebrate and maintain the unique identity of each school within its community and within the family of academies
  • To recognise and enable those who often remain invisible, through ethnic or cultural disadvantage, or through disability or poverty
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Articles of Association
  • Annual Report
  • Safeguarding Policy

Please click on link to access their website www.dhmat.org.uk