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Governors Role in School Improvement

Governors’ Core Function

Impact of governor involvement – What improvements have been secured to pupil outcomes, behaviour and safety, leadership and management?

Setting the vision and strategic direction of school

Inspection strands:

·         the leaders’ and governors’ vision and ambition for the school and how these are communicated to staff, parents and pupils

·         whether leaders have created a culture of high expectations, aspirations and scholastic excellence in which the highest achievement in academic and vocational work is recognised as vitally important

·         whether leaders have the highest expectations for social behaviour among pupils and staff, so that respect and courtesy are the norm


Governors’ activity might include work in the following areas:

·         School vision, aims & values.

·         GB powers and duties.

·         School development planning.

·         Setting the Performance Management targets for the HT.

·         Appointing key members of the leadership team especially the HT.

·         Agreeing policies/ procedures.



Academisation consultation


Governors Handbook


Health and Safety audit


Collective worship Policy


PM for Executive HT


Review of policies


Involvement in SDP.

Holding the head teacher to account for the school’s   educational performance

Inspection strands:

·         the rigour and accuracy of self-evaluation and how well it leads to planning that secures continual improvement

·         the effectiveness of the actions leaders take to secure and sustain improvements to teaching, learning and assessment

·         how leaders ensure that the school has a motivated, respected and effective teaching staff to deliver a high quality education for all pupils

·         the quality of continuing professional development for teachers at the start and middle of their careers and later, and how leaders use performance management to promote effective practice across the school  

·         how effectively leaders and governors track the progress of groups of pupils to ensure that none falls behind and underachieve, and how effectively governors hold them to account for this

·         how well leaders engage with parents, carers and other stakeholders and agencies to support all pupils


Governors’ activity might include work in the following areas:

·         Monitoring and evaluation of data/reports, including the use of the data dashboard.

·         Assure themselves of the rigour and validity of the assessment process.

·         Visits to the school to monitor e.g. learning walks/ book scrutiny alongside senior/ middle leaders.

·         Seeking and acting on the views of parents/ pupils to evaluate their satisfaction.

·         Interviews with middle/ senior leaders about aspects of the school’s work.

·         HT performance management review.

·         Challenge to the HT for linking pay to teacher performance.

·         Any challenge and support offered through committee work/ in response to the HT report which has resulted in improvement to provision and outcomes.    




Curriculum committee

Tracking and Senior Leadership Meeting

Curriculum monitoring

Pupil interviews

Maths/literacy link governors

Siam’s self evaluation

Values and worship policy







Ensuring financial resources are well spent


Governors’ activity might include work in the following areas:

·         Budget setting which demonstrates spending choices made in line with school priorities.

·         Strategic and reflective budget planning for spending:

o    Pupil Premium Grant

o    School Sports funding

·         Robust evaluation of the impact of spending the above grants to schools with a strong focus on impact on pupil outcomes.

·         Reviewing the scheme of financial delegation.

·         Any exploration of ‘best value’.




Report for pupil premium

Sports grant

Finance committee

Ensuring statutory duties are met, the curriculum offer is appropriate and priorities approved

Inspection strands:

·         the design, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum, ensuring breadth and balance

·         how the school supplements the formal curriculum with extra-curricular opportunities for pupils to extend their knowledge and understanding and to improve their skills in a range of artistic, creative and sporting activities

·         how effectively leaders use the PE and sport premium and measure its impact on outcomes for pupils, and how effectively governors hold them to account for this

·         how the school prepares pupils positively for life in modern Britain and promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

Governors’ activity might include work in the following areas:

·         School website is up to date & complies with regulations.

·         Agenda / work programmes reflect annual cycle of timely discussion, review and approval of key compliance requirements e.g. Child Protection policy, SCR.

·         Safeguarding responsibilities met.

·         Monitoring the delivery of the curriculum offer and the effectiveness of SMSC.



Siam’s training

Audit safeguarding

Section 11 safeguarding

Website review

Monitoring visit RE and Worship