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Additional Learning Support

Miss Hiles                     SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Ms. Flynn                      Intervention Groupwork

Mrs Robinson                Speech and Language (Elklan trained)

Mrs Gibbs                     Speech and Language (Elklan trained)  


The Headteacher (Mr Stephen Matthews) is available to have any discussions that parents/carers may require, as is Miss Kristy Hiles who is the school SENCo.  Miss Hiles is also available on Friday afternoon's when a drop-in session is run.  Please refer to our SEN ‘Local Offer’ information.

Group intervention programmes are delivered out of class in the afternoons, using a range of courses designed to build confidence in maths, writing, reading, spelling and social skills.

Rapid Maths

A maths course designed specifically for 6-11 year olds to help build confidence and ensure real success in numeracy.  The course provides lots of practical activities, games and computer software to motivate children who find numeracy a challenge.

Rapid Writing

A literacy course designed to support children who find writing challenging.  The writing tasks are short and achievable, helping to break down the barriers to writing.  Handwriting and spelling are also practised in each session.  The course is also linked to computer software which reinforces the childrens’ learning.

Time to talk/socially speaking

Are programmes designed to help children develop oral and social interaction skills.


A learning programme designed for children with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, but also provides support for all children to improve their reading, spelling and writing skills.

Nessy Touch Typing

As the name suggests, this is a programme to teach children how to use the correct fingers on the correct keys when typing.  The five lessons introduce the keys in alphabetical order and there are lots of games to play and rewards to be won.  Participating children will hopefully progress from ‘tortoise fingers’ to ‘lightning fingers’!

Speech and Language

We work closely with local speech and language therapists to encourage identified children to achieve individual speech and language skills and targets, using various activities and games.