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Class 1

Class Teacher – Miss K. Hiles

Teaching Assistant   - Mrs K.Gibbs


Welcome to Class One!  


Learning in Class One.


I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and here’s hoping we have some sunshine in the Summer term.


This half term in Class One we will be learning about Nursery Rhymes. We will be learning lots of new rhymes and basing our learning activities around well-known nursery rhymes.


The learning in the Early Years is generated by the children’s interests so can be very changeable, but below is a brief outline of what we will be doing each week with some examples of the learning activities that will be taking place.


Week One - Hickory Dickory Dock     16/04/18 - 20/04/18

  • We will share our holiday news.
  • Learning to tell the time and about different types of clocks.
  • We will follow some instructions to make an edible mouse.
  • We will learn about electricity and find out about things that need electricity to make them work, and different sources of electricity.
Week Two - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star                                                             23/04/18 - 27/04/18
  • Talking about night time and day time and the different things that happen during the different parts of the day.
  • Finding out about what is in the sky.
  • Learning about light and dark and exploring our shadows.
  • Making some shadow puppets.
  • Completing some artwork based on Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'.
Week Three - Miss Polly Had a Dolly   30/04/18 - 04/05/18
  • Learning about growing up and finding out about the changes that happen as we grow older.
  • Talking about the things we can do to help us keep healthy.
  • Who do we call if we need help? Discussing the Emergency Services and dialling 999.
Week Four - Humpty Dumpty              07/05/18 - 11/05/18
  • Learning about different materials - investigating which materials would help to keep Humpty Dumpty safe if he fell off the wall.
  • Exploring floating and sinking - Do eggs float or do they sink?
  • Where do we get eggs from?  Talking about the life cycle of a chicken.
Week Five - The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly                                    14/05/18 - 18/05/18
  • Going on a bug hunt!
  • Talking about different mini-beasts and their characteristics / habitats. 
Week Six - I'm a Little Teapot             21/05/18 - 25/05/18
  • Making a pot of tea and having a tea party - Who likes tea?
  • Learning about our senses - How do we know what we like to eat and drink?

P.E will be on a Thursday afternoon or a Friday morning, although it is useful if your child’s P.E kit is left in school during the week. We will then send it home each half term for a wash.


The children will bring home school reading books. It is very beneficial if you could listen to your child read for five minutes daily and to talk about the pictures and discuss what is happening in the story. This can also be a story book from home, it is important to share brings home. Parents are welcome to come in and choose a reading book with their child every morning before leaving them for the school day.


The Home Link Diary can also be useful for writing any messages that you may have. I always check the diaries on a Friday. However, members of staff are always on hand each morning and afternoon if you do have any questions or concerns.


If your child has a spare pair of wellies which they could bring to school and leave in their cubby hole, then this is helpful. We are outside in the outdoor classroom daily and it can sometimes be a little muddy. Also, please ensure that your child brings a coat to school daily as the weather can be very changeable. It can also be useful to leave a change of clothes (especially pants) in their cubby hole.


If anyone has any queries or problems as always feel free to come in and talk to me!


Many thanks,

Miss Kristy Hiles


Websites we like!

www.phonicsplay.co.uk – loads of great games to help with reading and spelling.

 www.ictgames.co.uk – some great games to support mathematics and literacy.

 http://durham.schooljotter.com/coxhoe - games to support learning in all areas.

Some of the things we do:

Paint and make!

Practical mathematics!    

Visit the local farm!

Imaginative play!  

The Postman came to visit!

Visit places in the local area.


Pond dipping 


And much, much MORE!!!