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Welcome to Class 3

Class Teacher – Miss M. Cleaver and Mrs E. Nugent

Teaching Assistants – Mrs P Robinson (HLTA) 

                             - Mrs J. Griffiths

Intervention Groups - Miss A. Flynn

Learning in Class 3

During Summer Term 2018, Class 3 will be learning about 'Brilliant Britain'.



Our literacy will be based around the topic 'Brilliant Britain'.  We will begin the term by focusing our literacy around the book 'The Queen's Hat'.  Our literacy outcomes will include:

  • Non-chronological reports.
  • Story writing.
  • Fact files.
  • Letter writing.
  • Diary entries.
  • Recounts.

  • Geometry - position and direction.
  • Statistics - pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and tables.
  • We will also be revisiting the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.




  • The children will  be developing their skills to research a topic and carry out a presentation.
  • The children will be developing their skills using PowerPoint.


Please can the children bring their P.E. kits to school on Monday and leave them in school all week.  The children will have their P.E. sessions on a Monday and Friday.

  • Monday: Athletics
  • Friday: Gymnastics

Weekly homework tasks for children in class 3 include: learning and rehearsing their times tables and reading (three times per week recorded and signed by an adult in home-link diaries) please. Please ensure that your child has their home-link diary with them in school each day.

If you do possess skills, knowledge or resources which you feel you may like to offer in support of our teaching and learning this term, please do let us know!

Miss M Cleaver and Mrs E Nugent.


Look at these websites!



www.phonicsplay.co.uk – loads of great games to help with reading and spelling.

www.ictgames.co.uk – some great games to support mathematics and literacy.

http://durham.schooljotter.com/coxhoe - games to support learning in all areas.


Some of the things we do:

Maths and Literacy – we are very practical in Class 3 – we like to keep moving and have interesting discussions.

Lots and lots of different science experiments! We like to find out about animals and plants, our own bodies and how things move.     

Art and DT - We make and create lots of products based around our current topic. 

History – we learn lots about the past and how different it is from our lives today.

Geography – we learn about our local area and some physical and human aspects of it.

P.E – we learn about keeping ourselves fit in different ways, such as Gymnastics, Dance and Games like football, tennis and athletics. Year 3’s get opportunities to take part in competitions against other schools!


And much, much MORE!!!