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Class 5

Class Teacher – Mr Tisdale and Mrs Spreadborough  

Teaching Assistant - Mrs K. Knott

                               Mrs G. Flynn


Learning in Class Five 

Now that we have established ourselves in the Summer Term, we have a few important things that we need to tell you.


As you are probably aware, our Year 6 and the Year 5s have been working diligently and crucially through a considerable amount of work over the last two terms. We are currently approaching for Y6 the end of Key Stage 2 SATs, but as the learning and consolidation gathers momentum, we will endeavour to give your child the help and support that they will need in order to shine and bring to fruition all their hard endeavours. The children have been aware of making as much academic progress as possible for them to feel confident and self-assured in their learning.


After SATs week and the Y5 Assessments we shall continue numeracy, literacy as ever with greater emphasis on focus weeks for other curriculum areas: Science weeks, cross-curricular Art and Design themes and outdoor learning opportunities to enhance and embed further skills. The History/Geography weeks will involve ICT, questionnaires and include our wider community. The children will also be developing their team skills in athletics, swimming and games such as rounders. High expectations and a positive approach to the curriculum will be evident throughout. The underlying bedrock will be working together, being a class team supporting each other, showing and sharing random acts of kindness we have discussed in RE and in PSHE sessions. It is all about making good choices; we shall focus on respecting ourselves, eating well and moving more regarding our focus on making healthy choices. For the Y6 children the transition to KS3 will be enhanced by the children attending their chosen secondary school. The children are having the opportunity to play the ukulele with Mrs. Giles. Our KS2 performance shall complete the hard work from this academic year.


In Science this term we will be learning about:


 - Making healthy choices, diet, exercise, energy awareness, dental health…

 - Animal and plant reproduction

 - Relationship and Sex Education (Y6)


In Art we shall explore artists including M. Rothko, Jackson Pollock and stylised forms.


In History/Geography/IT the children can determine their preferred way of working e.g. a biography of a grandparent, a ‘Day in the life of…’ PowerPoint, a developed questionnaire etc. focusing on elements of our local community; regarding work, lifestyle, preferred past-times and generational choices.




This continues in the form of daily reading, learning spellings and a maths task. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar resources (SPAG.com) will still be available for your child to consolidate their learning.

Additional homework might also be given, linked to other curriculum areas.



On a Monday, your child will receive a list of spellings to learn for the following Friday. Please help your child to learn these words and discuss the common spelling patterns. We will give each child a list of words to learn and they can learn as many as they feel that they can.



Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. This is very important.


In addition to supporting your child with their spellings, tables and reading, your child might need additional support in literacy and numeracy. We would happily provide ideas for parents who would like to support their children with their key skills in these subjects. Please pop in and see us to discuss this.


Important notes


  • It is important that children drink plenty of water, and we encourage your child to bring a named plastic bottle into school to keep on their desk.
  • As the weather temperature increases (hopefully), your child needs to have a water bottle and a suitable sun hat available.


Please feel free to pop in at any time and discuss any queries that you might have.


We look forward to an exciting term ahead.