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School Council

The School Council are elected for each academic year in September by pupil vote.

The elected candidates represent the views of all our pupils and gives the children an opportunity to make their voices heard and to feel part of the whole school community. 

The School Council gathers information from pupils in a variety of ways, but a popular method is the idea post box located near reception in school.  This prompts the children to think about what we do well in school, things that we might like or need to change, what can be done now and what could be done in the future.  The School Council are supported by Mrs Lambert and Mrs Winters. 

Our School Council from September 2018 consists of Jo, Summer,Luis,Soph, Leo, Connie, Ben, Shannon and Jordan.  

Things we have organised:

  • Wrote an Anti-Bullying Policy - advice is displayed on our School Council board.
  • An anti-bullying t-shirt competition - pupils were asked to design an anti-bullying themed t-shirt and the winning design was printed for 'class bears' to wear.  Bears sit in each class to remind children of the importance of being kind to one another.
  • Bring a teddy bear to school for raising funds for Children in Need.
  • After consulting with the children, developed a 'wish list' of new toys and activities for wet playtimes. 
  • Magazines for each class, updated monthly.
  • Road safety leaflet - please see more information here.
  • Each week school council respond to the children's questions and suggestions.
  • Interviewed the prospective head teachers.
  • Pupil questionnaires - analysed results which they fed back to Mr Matthews and the Governors.

Results collected included:

In Key Stage 1

  • 98% of children said they liked being at Burford.
  • 96% said they enjoyed lunchtime.
  • 92% said there was someone they could talk to if they were worried.

In Key Stage 2

  • 91% said they like being at Burford.
  • 76% said they think homework helps them.
  • 68% said they think there is someone they could talk to if they were worried.

What do we want to achieve for the future?

  • Organise more opportunities for circle-time activities in PHSE.
  • More charity fundraisers – we want to help the children who are less fortunate than us.
  • Organise for a performance stage to be built in the playground.
  • Turn our wet play toys and activities 'wish list' into a reality.