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Forest School

Forest School sessions and activities are lead by Ms Maribel De Haro, who is a trained Forest School Leader, and supported by Mrs Gwendy Flynn. We have a small, wooded area within the school grounds, which is dedicated to Forest Schools and, as such, is left to grow wild.  Children from Reception and Key Stage 1 have the opportunity to explore and investigate the outdoor environment, during weekly guided sessions.

Some of the activities taking place in Forest Schools include:

  • Investigating the diverse wildlife.
  • Looking at habitats and how plants and animals live in their environment.
  • Looking for signs of the changing seasons.
  • Building shelters.
  • Cooking on wood fires.
  • Bug hunting.
  • Making models, collages and paintings using natural materials.
  • Learning some basic woodcraft skills.
  • Identifying different plants and their features.

Apart from helping to boost children’s self confidence, independence and self esteem, sessions are also aimed at developing Numeracy, Literacy and linguistic skills.  

Forest school takes place whatever the weather, so we have suitable water-proof gear to protect us from the worst of the rain and wind. Children in Key Stage 1 get the opportunity to participate on a rota basis.

In Forest School, we build shelters and dens, and make objects to enhance the environment and provide even more shelter for the mini-beasts we find. We grow plants, make mud pies and even have a camp-fire.  If we are really lucky, sometimes we get to cook marshmallows on our camp fire!

Collecting materials for building a shelter in Forest School.


Den building at the farm




Class One busy at Forest Schools